festival – 50 years with us


18 – 19 may 2024

Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai installation 50th Anniversary Festival

The first italian Deities personally served by Srila Prabhupada

Saturday May 18th

Cruise to the islands of Venice by motorboat and an unprecedented choreographic procession with songs and dances in Burano and Venice (harinama).

Departure from Venice-Tronchetto, visit to the island of Burano and disembarkation near Piazza S. Marco, followed by a procession that will parade from Piazza S. Marco to Tronchetto.

We will be accompanied by the Deities of Gaura-Nitai and Srila Prabhupada, many devotees in traditional costumes, a group of dancers and expert kirtan musicians and singers.

There will be many of us who will participate in this wonderful day and for the success of the various moments, everyone’s great collaboration in respecting the times is necessary. Thank you.

For those who leave by bus from Prabhupada desh

8:45am meeting at the Prabhupada desh car park and taking your seat on the bus

9.15am departure for Venice-Tronchetto

For those arriving directly at Venice-Tronchetto
10.30am meeting point in Venice-Tronchetto at Piazzale People Mover https://maps.app.goo.gl/Lz9zUSiNEcTsG8PUA and boarding
Recommended parking: Venezia Center Parking Garage (ex Garage Isola Nova), in Isola Nuova del Tronchetto, 33/M Venezia https://maps.app.goo.gl/tRxCNUXqfZCkz9DV8
We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes early, so as to park calmly and reach the Piazzale People Mover on time.
Parking cost: €26 per day

Once on board, the cruise towards the island of Burano will begin. The navigation will last about 90 minutes where we will sing melodious devotional songs for the pleasure of the Deities Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada who will be on the boat with us. We will also have the opportunity to listen to short explanations about the historical places of Venice that we will see during the cruise.
Once we reach Burano, we will visit the island, singing songs and dancing.

1.45pm boarding from Burano towards Piazza San Marco
The navigation will last about an hour and a half and in this part of the journey we will enjoy a packed lunch.
4.00pm landing in Piazza San Marco

For those who come directly to Piazza San Marco
During the day on Saturday 18 May, in order to visit Venice, it is necessary to pay the entry fee of €5 per person online, in some cases there are exemptions but it is still necessary to register via the website. For information, exemptions and payment, visit the website: https://cda.ve.it/it/
4.00pm Meeting in front of Palazzo Cornoldi, Riva degli Schiavoni https://maps.app.goo.gl/sbW8jFcde793tdc27
short walk to Piazza San Marco where we will take a beautiful group photo, then the great Harinama will begin
Around 6.30pm end of the Harinama and arrival in Santa Lucia, the square in front of the train station
For those who arrived by bus or parked at Tronchetto
We will take the People Mover from Piazzale Roma to the Tronchetto car park.
For those who have reached Venice by their own means it is necessary to purchase the People Mover ticket. The cost is €1.50 and can be purchased directly in Piazzale Roma or at Piazzale People Mover (Trochetto).

Sunday May 19th 

Testimonies of gurus and spiritual guides regarding the birth of the Hare Krishna movement in Italy and the history of our first Italian Deities.

There will be the characteristic bathing ceremony of the Deities (abhisheka) and the very sweet flower bathing ceremony (pushpa-abhisheka)

During the day there will be numerous devotional songs and dances (kirtan).

The festival will be enlivened by the typical delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

The Festival will be blessed by the presence of several spiritual masters and disciples of Srila Prabhupada

Dhananjaya prabhu & Bala Gopala devi

Madhusevita prabhu & Ali Krishna devi 

Matsyavatara prabhu 

Krpamoya prabhu & Guru carana padma devi

Yadubara prabhu & Visakha devi

Trai das prabhu & Krishnaloka devi 

Mrtyuhara prabhu & Artiha devi 

Dayanidhi prabhu 

Citrarupini devi 

Visvambhara prabhu & Jagannathesvari devi

Manjuali devi

Do you want to join the cruise?

Book now!

To participate in the cruise there is a contribution of €70 which includes the cost of the bus and the boat cruise. Prabhupada desh will provide participants with a packed lunch.

Half of the places are already booked, if you want to ensure your presence you must book with a bank transfer by 15 March 2024 to these bank details:

Tempio di Vicenza della Congregazione Italiana per la Coscienza di Krishna

IBAN:  IT70X0306960614100000000273

Reason: trip to Venice

Help create a wonderful Festival in honor of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada!

Call Davide Canal (334 306 50 65) o Kishori Gopi (327 192 82 76) to participate.

Service Opportunities

It will be a special event, a party to remember forever in honor of our Deities and to celebrate the history of our movement in Italy together with all the devotees present.

The opportunity is unique to participate actively, with a personal service or with a donation.

Temple Service

  • Help in the kitchen and food distribution (call Kishori Gopi at 327 192 82 76)
  • Cleaning of spaces and reception (call Kishori Gopi on 327 192 82 76)
  • Altar and park decorations (call Lorena on 349 291 63 29)
  • Biscuit distribution during harinama (call Ester on 328 554 65 29)
  • Distribution of books during harinama (call Edoardo on 389 196 46 82)
  • Carrying the sedan chair of the Deities during the harinama (call Davide Amorevole on 349 352 78 07)
  • Participate in the dance troupe during the harinama (call Samantha on 351 297 86 55)

    Service with a free donation

    You too can contribute to the realization of this important Festival by making a free donation directly to Kishori Gopi devi (327 192 82 76) or by bank transfer to these bank details:

    Tempio di Vicenza della Congregazione Italiana per la Coscienza di Krishna

    IBAN: IT70X0306960614100000000273    Reason: 50th anniversary donation

    The donations collected will be used for:

    • Boat and bus rental expenses (we offer the cruise to our guest disciples of Prabhupada)
    • Biscuits to be distributed during harinama
    • Packed lunch during the cruise
    • Sponsor books by Srila Prabhupada to be distributed throughout the Festival
    • Hospitality of Prabhupada’s disciples (travel, food and accommodation) foreigners and Italians
    • Abhiseka (yoghurt, ghee and juice bath) to Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai
    • Puspa Abhiseka (flower petal bath) to Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai
    • Altar, marquee and garden decorations
    • Meals at the temple for Festival participants.

    Would you like to participate?

    If you want to book your place or need more information about the Festival, please call

    Davide Canal (334 306 50 65)

    o Kishori Gopi (327 192 82 76)

    Do you want more info?

    Send your request in the form below

    or write a message or call +39 327 192.82.76

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